We Provide Clothes More Than Just Stitched Fabric

Over the years, Uniteks has manufactured a wide variety of basic and fashion products, such as: ladies wear, pants, dresses, poloshirt, sweat-shirt, etc. Currently, Uniteks has evolved to the level of manufacturing specialized knitwear-products, by keeping the track of the latest market-trends.

Uniteks’ vast infrastructure allows manufacturing almost every knitwear product for men, women and kids. It specializes in valueadded products, such as: Jacquard fabrics, cut&sew fabrics, Pigment-Piece-Dyed, and Heavy Enzyme-Washed products.


R&D, Design

Uniteks Textile, which established the R&D department in 2021 and attaches great importance to research and development activities; It has accomplished many firsts in the field of smart, organic, recycled and innovative fabrics, and has signed valuable works.

It has restructured its Sample- Division into a Design Department with 60 people. This fully-fledged section, headed by an expert team with 5 designers, prepares its own seasonal collection according to the latest market-trends.Our design office in Spain serves following latest fashion trends to our customers.



Let's Experience Exclusive Quality


In House Production

An Ultimate Textile Brand in Market since 1970

The Knitting Department is where basic yarn is turned into raw fabric according to customer requirements. As well as the machines’ existing design capabilities, Uniteks Textile presents its customers with the latest and best production qualities using diverse types of yarn, designs and colors. Its highly professional and experienced production and R&D team backed with many years’ experience, continue to strive to this end.

In our Dyeing Facility, Dyes and chemicals are conveyed to the machines by a fully automated system; dyeing machine programs are centrally regulated by a system that also records all data from ongoing processes. Capacity: 50 Tons per/day

  • Cutting Capacity: 400.000 pcs per/month
  • Sewing Capacity: 100.000 pcs per/month
  • Ironing & Packing Capacity: 150.000 pcs per/month
  • Embroidery Capacity: 50.000 pcs per/hour
  • Garment Washing / Deying Capacity: 60 tons per/month

Subcontractor & Compliance

Uniteks Tekstil has outsourced production partners for cutting - sewing - finishing - placement printing processes. We have long term relation with all our production partners and all our production partners are approved by our customers in line with ethical & technical standards. As Uniteks Tekstil, we work approximately 20 different subcontractors. We approach them as our strategically partners. We always monitor and assist them. Our auditors, who works in our sustainability and management systems department , regularly audit these subcontractors and provide consultancy services.